Rua Anfilofio de Carvalho 29, Offices 1203/4
Rio de Janeiro 20030 – 901
T: +55 2135533025

Juan Pablo joined the firm in 2016, soon after the Rio de Janeiro office was established and became a local Partner in 2019.

Juan Pablo is leading our operations in Brazil by overseeing and managing Surveyors of Rio de Janeiro office, allocating surveying work and managing the service delivery to all clients in Brazil. He also accumulated a significant experience in a wide range of casualty work surveying for major H&M Underwriters and P&I Clubs, including major main engine damages, engine room flooding, groundings and wreck removal.

He is leading our technical team in assessing and approving towage works for all type of inland waterway and ocean-going vessels, and developed towage calculation tools and risk assessment, to the highest recognized international standards. In this capacity, he has been dealing with all type of towage approval work.

Juan Pablo also possesses a vast knowledge of shipyards and repair facilities in Brazil, combined with strong relationship with top level of Brazilian Maritime Authorities and the maritime community in general, and have carried out JH143 Shipyard Risk Assessment for various shipyard, including submarine building yard in Brazil.


  • Manager of major offshore logistics company (3 years).
  • Certified Operator for Ultrasonic hatch cover tightness testing with Class Type Approved Sherlog TA


  • MSc in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.