Our Piraeus office is the headquarters of our global network and operations. 

Since established in the mid 1970’s, it has attained recognition by Principals and Clients, by providing a vast array of surveying and casualty investigation services. With the company’s geographic expansion since the early 2000’s, Piraeus has become the headquarters of our operations.  

In its key role the firm’s Head Office, Piraeus receives and processes the majority of inquiries and instructions, maintains constant communication through a custom-made ERP system with our global office network and provides continuous support and guidance on casualty response, technical aspects and claims handling procedures. 

Its strategic location and proximity in the heart of the Greek shipping community, providing direct contact and access to the Assured, has proven to be a major competitive advantage in efficiently dealing with casualties all over the world. 


14 Skouze Str.
18536 Piraeus
T: +30 210 4181514
E: piraeus@evdemonpartners.com