We focus in assessing the risks undertaken by Underwriters. 

When instructed on Warranty Surveys, we concentrate on: 

  • Verification of defects which may result in claims against Underwriters. Our surveyors’ experience gives us the ability to define such defects and arising risks per survey category. 
  • Recommendations are well-defined and separately listed, with accurate and realistic time frames for compliance. 
  • Our reports are structured in a “reader-friendly” manner, focusing on risks undertaken by Underwriters and contain concrete and concise conclusionsallowing prompt assessment of the policy risk. 

Our surveyors have substantial experience in carrying out a variety of Warranty surveys such as: 

  • Condition Surveys – Risk Assessment JH 2013/007 A, B, D
  • Crew and Office Risk Management Assessment JH 2013/007 C  
  • Shipyard/Project Risk Assessment JH143 
  • Mooring & Firefighting Arrangements Approval Surveys 
  • Towage Approval Surveys 
  • Lay-Up Surveys 
  • Reactivation Surveys