Loss Prevention Surveys 

Over the last decade we have undertaken more than 2.000 Loss Prevention Surveys for both IG & Fixed Premium P&I Clubs. 

  • Proactive approach during attendance on board, assists Master and crew for mitigating the risk of cargo damage and pollution, in an effort to enhance their awareness for maintaining cargoworthiness and improving anti-pollution aspects and response. 
  • All our surveyors are Certified Operators qualified for Hatch Covers Ultrasonic Tightness Test, with the Class Type Approved Sherlog TA. We possess a total of 8 Sherlog units, which are frequently maintained and calibrated by makers. 


Casualty investigation  

We have been instructed on a variety of casualties on behalf of P&I Clubs, and our surveyors possess expertise in: 

  • Collision 
  • Grounding 
  • Wreck removal operations 
  • Pollution 
  • Protection of Unseaworthiness in GA cases 


Other Surveys: 

We also under take on behalf of P&I Clubs: 

  • Charterers Liability Surveys 
  • Draught – Cargo Damage Surveys 
  • Bunker Surveys 
  • Pre-Loading & Steel products Surveys