Our approach is proactive and hands-on.

We offer the following services: 

  • Provision of continuous guidance to our Principals throughout the process of Casualty Management, extending our services beyond recording and simply reporting the physical damage. 
  • Proactive involvement in the tendering and repair process as well as effective engagement in negotiations and settlement of the repair costs as a result of our deep knowledge of shipyards practices and costing in the regions we operate. 
  • Elaboration of detailed specifications of damage repairs, both on hull and machinery major casualties, on which we have a particular expertise as well as a continuously updated data base, thus providing a substantial competitive advantage in the subject. 
  • Implementation of “root cause analysis” for major machinery failures in order to establish the insurable peril and prevent re-occurrence. A thorough and in-depth investigation into the relevant ISM/PMS records is also applied. 
  • Active involvement in the process of crew interviews, jointly with appointed Solicitors during major fire, collision and total loss investigations. 
  • On site attendance during Salvage Operations, throughout the operation, ensuring safe and successful results through the close collaboration with Salvage Master and SCR.Our Surveyors possess deep knowledge and have attained vast expertise in a variety of casualty surveys, such as:Grounding and Flooding
    Fire & Explosion
    Heavy Weather
    Machinery Failure/Crankshaft Damage
    Salvage Operations
    Casualty Investigation (Total Loss)