Survey Familiarization Course

Istanbul, Turkey

What to expect

  • A hands-on course focusing on various types/aspects of ship design/features in respect to both casualty and warranty / risk assessment survey aspects.
  • Joint visits with our surveyors at local shipyards, where in situ familiarization will take place on board various types of vessels, which shall be either under survey by our firm at the time or carrying out damage/Class Survey works at the shipyards.
  • Introduction to survey techniques and/main aspects of casualty surveys, including investigation of machinery failure, hull damage surveys and investigation for grounding and collision.
  • An intimate (max. number: 12 people), focused to the needs of participants, lively (no classroom type lectures) course that encourages interaction.

Learning Outcomes of the Course

  • Up-close glimpse on vessels/shipyards and their operation
  • Appreciation and familiarization with the size, scale, complexity (and thus value) of vessels
  • First hand insight into the job of a surveyor and the ship repair sector, from our Istanbul Office experts
  • Hands-on overview of the technical aspects of a ship, including major machinery and systems on board
  • An enjoyable trip amongst peers, tasting Turkish hospitality

The course is free of charge. Participants will only have to cover the cost of flight tickets and accommodation.
For the schedule, practical information of your stay and in order to register your interest, please click below.