Incredible before and after view of a 75,000 DWT bulk carrier bow rebuild afloat with prefabricated blocks, after major collision!

The vessel collided with another 38,000 DWT bulk carrier off Bozcaada Island in the Aegean Sea, whilst both were on laden voyages. Upon safe detachment, vessel sailed on own power to Chalkis Anchorage / Greece, with practically no bow, where STS operations were carried out in order to prepare the vessel for repairs alongside at Chalkis Shipyard.

To the surprise of all parties, Chalkis Shipyard proceeded with the renewal of practically entire steel of the bow afloat, including collision bulkhead (above tank top level). Vessel was trimmed accordingly and bow sections were prefabricated and fitted by use of a large floating crane.

Upon fitting of all sections, vessel was shifted to Onex Shipyard / Syros Island to proceed with drydocking and final fitting & painting.

The total time elapsed since arrival at Chalkis was some 5.5 months including STS operations, whilst some 4 months were required for repairs to complete once vessel berthed alongside at yard.

We are glad to have attended this one-time repair job on behalf of opponents’ vessel H&M Underwriters, continuously reporting on progress and estimated costs of repairs.