After a sudden loss of propulsion during a laden voyage, the crew discovered that the propeller was missing! The tailshaft had been instantaneously fractured and propeller lost to sea. Extensive repairs were required lasting almost 6 months.

A Panamax bulker carrier encountered sudden loss of propulsion and M/E overspeed, during a laden voyage. After the necessary checks done by vessel’s crew, it was discovered that the tailshaft had been instantaneously fractured and propeller, along with shaft’s taper were lost to sea.

The vessel was towed to disport for unloading all of her cargo, and subsequently towed to Piraeus for carrying out permanent repairs. The repairs commenced initially afloat and subsequently in drydock for final assembly and commissioning.

Permanent repairs consisted of the following main works:

  • Fabrication new propeller and tailshaft by specialised workshops, including hydraulic nut and propeller boss cap
  • Cold cutting of damaged tailshaft section, in order to retain the physical properties for further metallurgical analysis by lab. The cutting of the shaft by steel saw took some 3 days to complete
  • Renewal of intermediate and stern tube bearings
  • Alignment check of propulsion shafting and stern tube arrangement
  • M/E inspection for any potential issued due to overspeed.
  • Final sea trials

Some 6 months were required for repairs to complete afloat and on keel blocks at Piraeus, including some 3 months waiting time for new propeller to be delivered by sea freight.

Instructed on behalf of H&M Underwriters, our Piraeus Head Office surveyors mobilized in assisting Owners and Underwriters during the time of damage occurrence, providing insights from their vast knowledge of the local and global market in order to proactively seek quotations and monitor costs ahead of time, resulting in less expenditure from all parties.

In addition, there was constant monitoring of repairs progress and obstacles encountered in the way whilst vessel was in our Head Office’s vicinity, timely reported to our Principals with continuous updates on repair costs and time.

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