The advantage of attending & following up a casualty until completion of repairs through our global network of offices.

An E/R fire broke out on a VLCC tanker in laden condition en route from USA to China. At few days into her approx. 45 days voyage to destination and due to fuel oil leakage on the M/E exhaust manifold a fire broke out. Despite a temporary loss of propulsion, crew managed to reinstate M/E operation & sought refuge to the nearest coast, French Guiana.

Upon receipt of instructions from H&M UWS and within 24hrs from vessel’s arrival at French Guiana, our Surveyor boarded the vessel. During attendance, the minimum necessary actions for vessel to resume her voyage were evaluated. Given that the fixed CO2 E/R firefighting system was entirely consumed, the alternative solution of combining the main deck foam system with the fire line in E/R was adopted. This allowed continuation of the laden voyage to destination with Class/Flag approval.

We are closely lazing with Piraeus based Managers from our Piraeus Head Office, monitoring findings of continued inspections on board and reporting same to our Principals, until vessel’s arrival at disport, where our Shanghai Office Surveyor shall follow-up permanent repairs.