Stern Tube Seals / Bearing & Tailshaft Damage – Repairs Afloat

A 35K DWT Bulk Carrier lost propulsion with subsequent water ingress in E/R through stern tube seals! Emergency towage was arranged and vessel was safely towed to repair berth at Hambantota Port, Sri Lanka.

Cargo was temporarily discharged and vessel was trimmed by the bow in order to allow works to be carried out afloat. The propeller and the entire propulsion system including intermediate and tail shafts were removed.

Complete set of S/T seals boxes (fwd and aft) were renewed, tailshaft machined and all bearing wiped material attached to shaft was removed.

Fwd and aft S/T bearing were renewed as they were found heavily damaged.

Our Gibraltar Office was instructed to undertake the case on behalf of H&M Underwriters, assisting on emergency towing arrangements, continuously monitoring repairs progress, and providing proactive guidance for minimizing costs and repair time.