Sometimes “attending a casualty” means going to an idyllic beach…

A limo tender serving a luxurious mega-yacht run aground some meters off one of the most popular beach bar in Mykonos, at the peak of the summer season.

H&M UWS instructed our Piraeus Head Office. Surveyor’s initial attendance commenced with the tender inspection at casualty site and proceeded with removal plan assessment. Agile and sensitive handling required, due to the possibility of pollution and very high value of the tender boat. The assessment of the removal plan completed within 12 hours from receipt of instructions.

Our attending Surveyor managed to coordinate the successful removal operations (via floating dock) without causing any additional damages to the tender boat or any environmental pollution, in less than 48 hours from the time of the accident.

The limo tender was initially inspected in Greece and subsequently loaded on a trailer and transported by road to Holland, where our Surveyor is currently inspecting the aluminum bottom plating and propulsion assembly at builders’ workshop.