A combination of acquiring hands-on knowledge and team-building

During two separate Survey Familiarization Courses that took place in Tuzla and Yalova, Turkey in May and October a total of 40 professionals from international insurance market communities participated, the majority being claims handlers from H&M Underwriters and P&I Clubs, but with a mixture of marine insurance Brokers and Solicitors.

A special thanks goes out to everyone involved in DESAN Shipyard (Tuzla), KUZEY STAR Shipyard (Tuzla), Besiktas Shipyard (Yalova), as well as to the Istanbul Maritime Academy for granting us access and taking time off their busy schedule to escort the various groups in their premises.

As always, the main purpose of our Familiarization Course has been to introduce and demonstrate the local Shipyards facilities, workmanship skills and cost effectiveness, as well as the main aspects of ship design and machinery, outfitting and equipment, versus risks undertaken by Underwriters on board vessels both afloat and on keel blocks in dry dock.

The surveying practices as globally applied by the Evdemon & Partners Surveyors Teams in all of our eleven offices worldwide were explained on the spot. Realizing the actual scale and size of the vessels as well as complexity and sophistication of several components is most certainly the biggest gain to the participants. Things tend to look different on paper or in photos compared to reality!

We are extremely thankful for the positive feedback we have received from the attendees, as it acts as a motivator for us to continue hosting such courses in the future.

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