In this exciting new section discover the heart of Evdemon & Partners, our people. In candid interviews, our Surveyors open up about their journeys, aspirations, and the meaningful challenges they embrace with passion.

Stefanos Antoniadis | Senior Surveyor

  1. My first job in the Maritime Industry:
    Marine Consultant/Surveyor in Marine Technical Consultancy Office 
  1. What inspired me to become a surveyor:
    Nothing specific at first place!…the marine industry just opened a door for me in the surveying field…but my daily working experience is what has inspired me to remain in the surveying sector of our industry for nearly 15 years now.
  1. The aspect I enjoy most about my job:
    Never-ending learning job, never-ending experiences, never boring.
  1. One of the top locations I traveled to for a survey:
    Difficult to distinguish…stunning scenery in Ghent, Belgium and Tallinn, Esthonia…but strong cultural experiences in India, China and Africa. 
  1. One of my most unexpected trip for work:
    Attending unexpectedly three (3) vessels on the same trip in Malta, Duqm and Dubai…from 10°-15° C to 30°-35° C… “re-clothing” with summer clothes in Istanbul airport was a must!
  1. One of the most striking experiences during a work trip:
    3 days to travel from Athens to Durban due to flights complications, including 1 overnight stay in Istanbul and 1 overnight stay in London…Fortunately the vessel I was scheduled to inspect was still in port on my arrival!
  1. One of the most memorable casualties I have ever dealt with:
    Explosion in an Oil/Chemical Tanker at Lome/Togo. Thankfully, no casualties or injuries! Several cargo tank bulkheads collapsed, the hull side shell plating bulged and the E/R was flooded. The inner bottom of the vessel could be easily converted to a soccer field!
  1. One of the most challenging cases I attended:
    A Chemical Tanker experienced initially fire in Engine Room, subsequently electrical black-out and finally grounding at Spanish rocky coastline during heavy weather. Access on board was achieved with the assistance of the Spanish SAR helicopter.  Also, challenging exercise was to establish the full extent of damage (steel, machinery, electrical). Lengthy negotiations followed for more than 2 years between Insurers, Owners and Salvors as an “unrepaired damage” claim which finally ended in court.
  1. Inspiring words from people I have encountered in my line of business:
    Although some supporting words are echoing in my mind, I wouldn’t point out any specific words…but I would rather admit that any words of support and kindness are always inspiring to continue “running” in our working field…especially when these words are part of a generally inspiring stance of colleagues.
  1. One of my favorite photos from work: