02 artemis evdemon
14 Skouze Str.
18536 Piraeus
T: +30 210 4181514
M: +30 6947 326566

Artemis joined the firm in 2004.

For the first 5 years of her involvement in the firm, she worked on acquiring hands-on knowledge of how the industry works, acquired a Diploma in Marine Insurance from The World Maritime University, while she streamlined financial and HR processes of the firm. Once she got the gist of the business, she participated in all efforts to develop and implement growth opportunities and together with Dimitris Kardiakopoulos initiated the process of transforming Evdemon & Partners from a family business to an international surveying firm.

She is currently responsible for monitoring the implementation of strategic business plans, developing financial strategies, overseeing all financial operation of all offices, reporting financial results to the board of directors and participates in key decisions of the executive management team. Artemis also liaises with clients to secure clients’ satisfaction and new business origination.


  • Assistant Coordinator, Center of the Earth Organization Earth (Environmental Training Center)
  • Research Assistant at the Center for International Security and Cooperation of Stanford University
  • Press Relation Officer to a Greek MP


  • Diploma in Marine Insurance from World Maritime University
  • MA in East European Studies from Stanford University
  • BA in Political Science and Russian Studies from Boston College