In this exciting new section discover the heart of Evdemon & Partners, our people. In candid interviews, our Surveyors open up about their journeys, aspirations, and the meaningful challenges they embrace with passion.

Haifeng Yan | Surveyor

  1. My first job in the Maritime Industry:
    QC inspector in a newbuilding shipyard (CSSC)
  1. What inspired me to become a surveyor:
    Initially inspired by one of my friends to become a marine surveyor, who was also working in the marine industry, but the nature of the job keeps me continuously inspired.
  1. The aspect I enjoy most about my job:
    Experiencing different type of casualties and improving my knowledge / insight. It is a never-ending learning process.
  1. One of the top locations I traveled to for a survey:
    I travelled to Thailand for one H&M condition survey at anchorage. Hottest place I have been with incredible humidity.
  1. One of my most unexpected trip for work:
    Survey instruction received at midnight on urgent basis to attend one vessel at Shanghai outer anchorage and immediately mobilized the next day early morning from base to destination in order to catch up the launch boat and eventually reached the vessel after 3 hours trip at sea.
  1. One of the most striking experiences during a work trip:
    I travelled to one city in northern China in winter time (-20° C)! The result was catching a cold during the survey, it was the coldest place I have ever been.
  1. One of the most memorable casualties I have ever dealt with:
    A bulk carrier ran aground and was stranded on rocky seabed after a strong typhoon. There was oil spill and severe hull damages. Oil cleaning continued for almost a year, which meant that I spent most of that year on the operations. Ultimately, the vessel snapped in two due to impact of another typhoon, resulting to me staying even longer for the wreck removal. Once in a life time experience!

  1. One of the most challenging cases I attended:
    A bulk carrier touched bottom in Pakistan and permanent repairs were effected at a Chinese shipyard, where I attended during the course of repairs. The most challenging part was cost review / analysis to assist Owners’ with negotiations with shipyard, as the Yard’s bill was exorbitantly high with various unjustified charged items. Finally, after 15 days of detailed study on more than 1,500 rows for identifying all those unjustified items, the final invoiced amount was successfully negotiated down from USD 5.9 million to USD 3.4 million!!!
  1. Inspiring words from people I have encountered in my line of business:
    “Keep learning and acquire good surveying capabilities, marine industry is your second university in your life”, memorable inspiring words from one of my fellows.