GRT/DWT:  22,009 / 37,715
LOA:          188 M
BUILT:      1984 / Kurusima Dockyard, Japan
CLASS:      CR Classification Society


Antipollution efforts
Total attendance time:
1 year 4 months (September 2017 – February 2019)
Cost of operations:
Lump sum contract – USD 1.3 Million
Wreck removal operations
Total attendance time:
2 months (February 2019 – April 2019)
Total cost:
USD 2.8 Million

During ballast voyage at South China Sea, the vessel was hit by extreme heavy weather – typhoon Hato – and run aground on shallow rocky reef some27 N.M. SW off Kowloon, Hong Kong.After stranding, the vessel’s hull girder developed cracking and vessel’s P&I Club engaged our services on direct instructions for remaining on board the casualty to continuously monitor daily bunker / oil removal operations - on 24/7 basis – and ensure satisfactory elimination of all pollutants per contract terms.We remained on board the wreck throughout the operations, which lasted 1 year & 4 months, by engaging our surveyors on rotation basis, until the task was successfully accomplished.Instructed by vessel’s P&I Club



  • Our Surveyors took turns in attending and remaining on board the wreck on 24/7 basis, at the stranding site to continuously monitor the operations and verify removal/elimination of all pollutants/bunkers on board, after pumping out and clean-up of all CH’s affected by leaked FO.
  • Per contractual terms clean-up operations should eliminate ALL pollutants prior termination and payment of contract price.
  • Assuming and SCR role, we compiled suitable templated SITREPS which were drafted and released to the P&I Club on a daily basis from our Shanghai office, throughout the period of engagement on board the casualty (by using mobile phone networks from the stranding site).
  • Stability and strength calculations were also carried out to assess and evaluate vessel’s condition after potential refloating.
  • Ensured that all contractual obligations were complied with prior termination of works on board and any payments made under the contract.
  • However, the vessel’s hull girder eventually parted in 2 sections after hit by a 2nd typhoon and part sunk.
  • Wreck Removal operations – At the final stages of our attendance in this case, we were instructed by Principals to participate on daily basis throughout the wreck removal operations.
  • Finally, we have been engaged with local Solicitors as material witnesses in the subsequent court proceedings, by also drafting and issuing consolidated reports on the findings and facts/events in Chinese language, also translating all other documentation (originally issued in English) for the court hearing

By organizing and enduring the hard conditions faced by our surveyors who remained at the casualty site on the wreck for 1 year & 4 months, satisfactory compliance with the initial anti-pollution contract terms was finally achieved prior any remunerations were made to contractors.