GRT/DWT: 1648/2519
LOA: 81.11m
BUILT: 1972
CLASS: Ministry of Greek Mercantile Marine

Location: Elefsis Bay
Wreck Status: Sunk – fully laden with bunkers cargo (HFO/DO)
Duration of antipollution/shore clean-up operations: 3 months
P&I cover limitation: EUR 5,000,000 – ITOPF & IOPC Fund activated
Total cost claimed: EUR 15,000,000 – excluding private claims
Approved: EUR 5,500,000 ex submitted clean-up (wreck & ashore)

The vessel sunk while crossing the Elefsis Bay, just off Elefsis port limits after striking sunk wreck.Instructed by vessel’s P&I Club.



  • Attended immediately at casualty site and assessed the extent of pollution spread and nature of pollutants.
  • Local qualified contractors were engaged (by Port Authorities) for the anti-pollution and shore clean-up operations.
  • Invited anti-pollution plan and negotiated/agreed terms of engagement on Scopic rates.
  • Provided SCR services for the P&I Club by attending on daily basis, for closely monitoring the entire operations and issuing daily SITREPS throughout their duration.
  • Managed communication with local Authorities and communities.
  • Consulted and provided continuous updates and advice to the ITOPF-IOPC fund Reps.
  • Conducted a complete and thorough investigation into the casualty circumstances by interviewing the crew jointly with appointed solicitors and auditing Owners office files.
  • Scrutinized and commented upon on the final cost of the operation as submitted/claimed by anti-pollution works contractor.
  • Attended at Court Hearing as Expert Witness

Defended the Club’s interests against claims submitted.