2012 South Peloponnese / GREECE

LOA: 180m

South west Peloponnese – Kokkala Village
Permanent Repairs carried out at:
Chalkis Shipyrad / Greece
Total days under LOF:
19 days
Waiting time & time required for cargo discharging by STS:
80 days
Permanent repairs time:
2 months
Permanent repairs costs:
approx. 2.5M USD

A handy size bulk carrier on a fully laden voyage with a sulphur cargo in bulk run hard aground at full speed of 13 knots at South Western Peloponnese, some meters away from Kokkola local village center, with vessel’s bow practically touching the Taxiarches local church dome.The forepeak, DB WBT and duck keel were pierced and flooded, with minor water ingress in the engine room through the cables E/R bulkhead penetration.Lightering operation was carried out at aground position prior successful refloating (under LOF). The vessel was thereafter towed to a nearby safe port of refuge.The voyage was abandoned. The cargo was transshipped to a sister ship (STS) and shipped to destination. On completion the vessel was towed to a shipyard in greater Piraeus area for permanent repairs, as removal to a non-EU waters repair facility was prohibited by local Authorities (under respective EU directive).We were instructed by the H&M UWRS (Lloyds) of the bulk carrier.



  • Immediately proceeded on board casualty at stranded location within 4 hours upon receipt of instructions.
  • Interviewed crew jointly with Solicitors and obtained VDR records.
  • Remained on board at all times throughout refloating operations, closely liaising with the Authorities and Salvors, engaged under LOF by Owners (despite our initial objections to the contrary).
  • Participated in the salvage plan approval by the Authorities and issued Daily Progress Reports to Principals.
  • Jointly with the appointed Solicitors, negotiated and achieved a favorable caretaker agreement for STS operation at port of refuge, on termination of LOF.
  • Participated in various meetings with the Authorities, requesting the immediate release of the vessel from PSC unnecessary detention.
  • Drafted a detailed damage repair specification, invited tenders, evaluated and negotiated with Piraeus region shipyards, prior awarding the repairs at competitive cost/time frames.
  • Closely monitored the permanent repairs and participated in final negotiations of yard invoices.

After 6 months of hard & demanding efforts, requiring delicate handling, with a pro-active approach and team effort, we achieved a swift and safe re-floating of the vessel and cargo transshipment yielding a cost/time effective result on permanent repairs execution and completion within quoted time frames.