GRT/DWT:  47,984 / 87447
LOA:     229.0 M
BUILT:   2011
CLASS:  BV (Bureau Veritas)

Repairs carried out at:
Zhoushan / China
Total cost:
USD 800,000
Repair time:
42 days

During laden voyage to India (East Coast) and southbound in Pacific Ocean aft stern tube seals sea water contamination occurred. After calling Singapore, a drop in tailshaft poker gauge calibration was recorded by divers.

After continuing voyage to disport (India) for cargo discharge and thereafter loading cargo in South Africa, commenced laden voyage to Vietnam disport and subsequent drydocking in China.

On Northbound ballast passage to China for drydocking the stern tube bearing eventually overheated with sea water ingress. Tug was engaged under TOWCON and vessel completed passage to shipyard under tow.

Instructed by Norwegian Market H&M Lead Underwriters.



  • Arranged swift attendance on board immediately upon arrival, overcoming COVID restrictions.
  • After propeller/shafting assembly dismantling and removal, both fore and aft Stern Tube bearings were found severed with tailshaft journals heavily scored/gauged and discolored. Tailshaft verified bent beyond repair limits. Both fore & aft seal assemblies also damaged.
  • After verification of the damage severity, carried out an in-depth investigation into vessel’s records for establishing the likely route cause of tailshaft/stern tube bushes assembly primary failure (before continued operation and potentially aggravation of damages).
  • Assisted Owners in achieving considerable time and cost savings by pro-actively liaising with Yard.
  • Scrutinized final invoices and apportioned any additional repairs costs arising from potential aggravation of damages (eg. Tailshaft renewal cost), for AA’s & U/Wrs consideration and further justification by Owners, prior final allowance per policy terms.