GRT/DWT: 25,573 / 75,009
LOA: 225m
BUILT: 2012
CLASS: Lloyd’s Register (Class LR)

Repairs carried out at:
Zhoushan / China
Total cost:
USD 1,500,000
Repair time:
3 months

A Greek owned bulk carrier on a fully laden voyage at East China Sea, collided with another Bulk Carrier (of Chinese interests) performing on her maiden voyage after delivery as a new building. The collision happened on Christmas Day.The GR Bulk Carrier vessel rammed and penetrated the other vessel on starboard aft quarter, causing severe damage to shell plating and internals iwo No.5 Cargo Hold and DB tanks girder (in V shaped form).As a result the GR Bulk Carrier sustained serious structural damage on her bow structure, Forecastle deck and outfitting and BB / FPK tank internals.Both vessels remained afloat and continued voyage by own means.The GR bulk carrier discharged her cargo at disport and proceeded to Zhousan for permanent repairs. The other bulk carrier proceeded to a shipyard at Weihai / China and placed on keel blocks for repairs.We were instructed by Lloyds Lead H&M U/Wrs of the GR bulk carrier, for both strait and W.P. Surveys on opponent vessel.



  • Collision took place on 25th December (Christmas day) and urgently mobilized for attending both vessels, cancelling all prior arrangements for the holiday period.
  • Attended on board the GR vessel jointly with MSA Officers on arrival disport.
  • Our multilingual Shanghai office Surveyor, also fluent in Chinese & Russian language, carried out the interviews of Chief Officer (Ukranian) and deck crew on watch, jointly with MSA at their request.
  • Physical damages were also inspected jointly with MSA Officers.
  • Further crew statements were taken jointly with Solicitors.
  • On a later occasion, the VDR data was retrieved by Service Engineer in our presence with MSA Officers, Flag State Surveyor and Class Surveyor.
  • Detailed analyses and comparison of all the shipyard quotations obtained.
  • The permanent repairs coincided with the Chinese New Year Holiday period, causing inevitable delays in progress of repairs of both vessels.
  • Otherwise, damage repairs of opponent vessel were closely monitored upon regular W.P. attendances by our Shanghai office Chinese national hull surveyor. Repairs were successfully completed in 25 days (despite New Year holidays). It is noteworthy that complete internal sandblasting and re-coating of damaged WBT’s and No 5 CH to original Builders Specs was done and claimed (as the vessel was just built and on maiden voyage)


Swift response and attendance on Christmas Day and joint interviewing of GR vessel Ukranian Chief Officer on watch with MSA officials by our surveyor at their respective own language, proved valuable in avoiding the GR vessel’s arrest or subsequent prosecutions of the officer on watch.

Also, timely attendance on both vessels on arrival and swift reporting on repair cost estimates greatly assisted the appointed solicitors for GR vessel’s interests, to negotiate and placing more reasonable and accurate securities respectively.