GRT/DWT: 59000 / 21000 (about)
LOA: 200.00m (about)
BUILT: 2013

Casualty Location:
Ulsan, S. Korea
Repairs carried out at:
Ulsan, S. Korea
Total repair cost:
All costs undertaken by Builders
Repair time:
Approx. 4 months

During sea trials carried out by shipyard and whilst steaming at maximum speed of 21 knots, the NB vessel collided with a laden chemical tanker.

The cargo from the tanker spilled into the sea and exploded / ignited instantly, spreading the fire onto the bow parts of the Ro-Ro Car Carrier and surrounding sea surface on shell plating.

We were instructed as technical experts on behalf of Buyers to guarantee the nature/extent of repairs prior vessel’s delivery, to be in accordance with the New Building Specifications.


  • Surveyed and recorded the areas, outfitting and equipment affected by collision and fire jointly with yard Reps, both afloat and on keel blocks.
  • Issued a comprehensive damage survey report with findings and rectification actions required for compliance with New Building Specification.
  • Successfully participated and assisted Buyers in their negotiations with Builders for delivering the vessel in accordance with New Building Contract, after carrying out all necessary damage repairs and renewals of bow plating, outfitting and affected deck machinery, including bow thruster unit.
  • Finally, Builders agreed to crop out and rebuild the entire bow section of the NB, forward of navigation bridge front, from keel to bridge deck with included outfitting and equipment renewed in entirety throughout.

Achieved agreement between Owners and Yard for carrying out the restoration works at no extra cost, and discount on NB purchase value due to depreciation of commercial value from the accident.