LOA: 190m

Aegean Sea
Repairs carried out at:
Time for temporary repairs &
cargo discharging:
5 months
Permanent repairs time:
3 months
Total repair time:
8 months
Temporary repairs costs:
app. 400K USD
Permanent repairs costs:
app. 2.5M USD
Total Cost:
2.9M USD

A general cargo vessel on a fully laden voyage with a cement cargo in bulk south bound in the middle of Aegean Sea, collided with a container feeder on a light ballast northbound voyage for D/Docking at Tuzla, when their opposite courses crossed.

The Container vessel rammed and penetrated the bulk carrier on port side amidships, after ‘climbing’ on the bulk cement cargo by her Bulbous Bow, before eventually ‘resting’ across the bulk carrier main deck., with her BB extruding from starboard side by about 20 meters.

The two vessels luckily remained afloat firmly ‘wedged’ together, with about 3,000 cubic meters of bulk cement cargo solidifying in CH No 2, finally requiring Salvage services under common LOF for being separated from each other.

We were instructed by both H&M U/Wrs (Lloyds) & P&I Club of the bulk carrier.


Istanbul office

  • Immediate emergency attendance at casualty location (Aegean open Sea) upon receipt of instructions for safeguarding safe separation of the 2 ships by Salvors on common LOF.
  • Compiled a contingency plan and in-house team for coordinating all operations.
  • Remained on board – Monitored Salvage operations.
  • Towage approval of the stricken bulk carrier to Port of Refuge (Izmir) – No2 CH flooded/tidal and cement cargo solidified.
  • Undertook all proceedings at Port of Refuge – Arranged for “Care-Taker” Services and stand-by tug contract with Salvors (on daily rates) per Harbor Master requirements.
  • Proceeded with computerized “structural modelling” of the ship’s hull. Carried out full scale Damage Stability calculations for safe removal of vessel to terminal and safe sequence of cargo discharge. Results showed a maximum 12% (!!) reserve hull girder longitudinal strength.
  • After longitudinal hull girder strength calculations, fitted temporary structural reinforcements for safeguarding towage to cargo discharge terminal and thereafter repair facilities (Tuzla region).
  • Carried out Towage Approval Survey – under Towcon – for safe removal of vessel to discharge cement terminal and repair facilities (Tuzla)
  • A detailed damage repair specification was drafted and issued inviting tenders from Tuzla based yards. Repairs awarded, closely monitored and successfully accomplished.

After 5 months of laborious team effort, the damage repairs were successfully accomplished, fully restoring the vessel in her prior as built seaworthy state, at a very competitive cost/time frame.