DWT:              89,624 mt
LOA:                294.2 m
BUILT:             2014
CLASS:            DNV GL

Repairs carried out at:
Ferrol, Spain & Wartsila Works, Finland
Total cost:
USD 5.0 Million
Repair time:
47 days

Instructed by Norwegian H&M and LOH Lead Underwriters.

(NB. A very high daily amount of USD 85,000 insured under LOH policy)


Shanghai office

  • Initial attendances materialized by Shanghai Office in China in order to verify extent of damage and evaluate repair options.
  • Catastrophic failure of engine block and crankshaft was verified jointly with attending Makers SE’s, resulting to long delivery times for newly fabricated major parts (short block) at Makers’ Works (Finland).
  • Invited tenders from Makers on cost/delivery time of new parts as well as labour costs from yards in Singapore & Europe (nearer to Makers’ works, thus less time/lower freight costs for delivery on board)

Piraeus office

  • Assessed all repair options and yards’ tenders, jointly with Owners, primarily for establishing best option for maximum time savings.
  • As long delivery times were quoted for manufacturing and delivering new major engine parts (short block), vessel’s removal (on own power) to Ferrol Spain for repairs was concluded as the most time / cost effective option.
  • Attended at Wartsila Works, Finland for examining the catastrophically failed engine components (transported for forensic examination) jointly with Makers.
  • Joint evaluation and investigation with Makers into the root cause of failure

Gibraltar office

  • At our recommendation, Owners invited Makers S/Es to board vessel ahead of vessel’s arrival at yard, for commencing full scale damaged engine dismantling.
  • Upon vessel`s arrival at repair yard in Spain, our Gibraltar Office Surveyors attended on board. Closely liaised with Yard and Owners’ Superintendent for establishing and agreeing upon best repair schedule option for cost / time savings (including overtime as appropriate).
  • Continuous and frequent attendances on board throughout the course of repairs for safeguarding strict adherence to the agreed time plan were adopted
  • Detailed reporting of repairs progress, kept Principals / Parties concerned updated and abreast of developments at all times.
  • By participating in Shipyard/Owners negotiations for expediting works, implementation of 24hr shifts work schedule was achieved during        disassembly and reassembly works

A joint effort by interaction of 3 offices in our global network, finally achieved a 14 days’ time saving on overall repair period, which reflected an overall savings of USD 1M on LOH policy.