GT/DWT:       5,500 / 2,708 mt
LOA:                99.50 m
BUILT:             2003
CLASS:            DNV-GL

Repairs carried out at:
Total cost:
EUR 7.2 Million
Repair time:
189 days (approx. 6 months)

An oceangoing fish factory trawler sustained catastrophic damage to her accommodation house as a result of a fire in way of her navigation bridge at Montevideo.The damage was extensive affecting the following spaces/compartments:
  • Accommodation house
  • Bridge
  • Fishing operations control / monitoring equipment
  • Main & Aux. machinery electronic control – monitoring equipment
 Instructed by Norwegian H&M Lead Underwriters and Lloyds U/Wrs policy share (80% share).



  • Immediate response/attendance on board – Monitoring of Fi-Fi operations. Emergency case handling
  • Multiple attendances on board jointly with Fire Experts and U/Wrs Technical Director.
  • Established full extent of damage and provided all data for drafting a Repair Specification to H&M U/Wrs Technical Director.
  • Carried out Towage Approval survey after assessment of T/B suitability for towed voyage from Montevideo, Uruguay to Las Palmas, Canary Islands.
  • Comparative analysis/assessment of shipyards tenders jointly with H&M U/wrs.

At Las Palmas

  • Intervention on numerous issues raised by Las Palmas HM – Vessel detained by Harbor Master who initially refused clearance to sail under tow To Gibraltar, contesting breach of local / EU Rules & Regulations.
  • Joint attendance with Las Palmas HM & PSC and finally achieved granting departure clearance to Gibraltar under tow.
  • Carried out towage Approval survey for towed voyage form Las Palmas to Gibraltar for permanent repairs in Shipyard.

At Gibraltar

  • Undertook the repairs project management and supervision jointly with Owners Superintendent Engineer, achieving overall efficient handling and actively assisting throughout the course of repairs – over a 6 months period
  • Arranged and pro-actively participated in numerous meetings with Yard’s Production, Engineering Team, Planning Department and Owners’ Rep. for discussing details on the various damage repairs groups progress/time and any additional findings and works/costs arising thereof.
  • Joint inspections with Owners’/ yard Reps and Class DNV-GL Attending Surveyor upon dismantling bulkhead paneling, ceilings and flooring were carried out for verification of additional extent of damages and monitoring repairs’ progress.
  • Actively participated in the review, final negotiations and approval of final yard invoice before vessel’s departure and concluding last payment installments.

Continuous direct line of communication with Lead UWS and meetings at their Head office in Norway, achieved final decisions on repair facility choice and an organized project management throughout the course of repairs. Also, by controlling and channeling direct scheduled POA installments to Yard via dedicated bank account of our firm in Gibraltar ((in excess of USD 7.5M in total), achieved a smooth progress of repairs progress and timely completion.